Calvary Baptist Church 715 West Louisiana Street Durant, OK 74701
Calvary Baptist Church:


Deacons Serving Calvary Baptist Church:
Glendel Rushing, Chairman
Harold Ray Langham
Vernon Armstrong
Darrel Hearn
Don Herron
James Lynn
David Norman
Larry Hamilton
David Hayes
Bobby Hatcher
Mark Ackerson

Sunday Morning Greeters - July 8, 2012
Linda Plyler & Kathy Wilcox

Preschool Volunteers:
10:40 a.m. - Carolyn Boatner
6:30 p.m. -  N/A

Children's Pre-School Church
10:40 a.m. - Krisite Luke

Those volunteering for the preschool nursery are:  Autumn, Melanie Walsh, Carolyn Boatner,
Kristie Luke and Anette cook.  Cards will be sent the last of each month as a reminder.
Kristie Luke (434-5707)  January and July
Annette Cook (513-9833)  February and August
Kim Rowland (931-3629)  March and September
Autumn Portman (775-0682)  April and October
Carolyn Boatner (565-0463)  June and December
Substitutes - LaDawn Bisson (931-9002), Kelly Cook (924-9348), Larissa Lee (920-0344)

Nursery Workers Schedule Link
Upcoming Nursery Workers...If you are unable to work your scheduled day, please call one of the
following so that we can find a replacement.   Rebecca Luke  580/434-4201.

In the Hospitals:
Mr. Bill Glover (MSCO)

Home from the Hospital:
Mr. Woody Walker

Memorials and Gifts:

In Memory Of
Bill Mead - Dishwasher Fund

In Honor Of  :
Youth VBS Workers - Elevator Fund
Twyla Whitesell - Air Conditioning Fund

Gifts To:
Air Conditioning Fund (4)

Food Pantry Ministry

Pre-School Reserve Account

Falls Creek Cabin (2)

Children's Music Ministry

Colorado Mission Trip (2)

Thank you Notes

Upcoming Events